Join our Team

Join our Team

Hi, welcome to the application for our team.

Please review the website and read the following before filling out our application.

We are a husband and wife photography team looking for team members that can support our style & approach to wedding photography.

We are currently searching for learned positions as

Lead photographers & videographers. (Only 1-2 applicants that are dedicated will be added to our team.)

Our business hasn't been constructed on flashy gear, large social media presence or even the most current trend setting style. Rather we focus on our couples and creating a photography experience that keeps our couples referring us and remembering their day in a special way.

This is our first time opening up an application process. It's new to us, so please feel free to be open up and ask any questions you might have. We don't expect you to have our same style right now but we are looking for those who have the ability to develop with us and learn new skills over time. The first step to learning a new style is already having down the fundamentals, so we will only consider photographers with the following...

  • The ability to photograph completely manual, know camera settings, exposure & basic composition techniques.
  • Other forms of photography such as hobby & personal photography are also welcome as long as you share a passion for photography & weddings.
  • Must be willing to do periodic styled shoots and workshops with the rest of the team.
  • Must behave professionally and always have a respect others.
  • Hard worker.
  • Willing to reserve dates 6 Months in advance.
  • Have a professional camera & lens/lenses.

This position won't be for everyone, we are asking a lot from our applicants but hope to give a lot in return.

We are still figuring it all out, so let's have a conversation about it and fill out the below application. Please don't leave any sections blank. We will be most interested in applications that share more about yourself, your approach and what you plan to get out of this. Please don't fill out this application until you've looked at more work or are looking for a quick gig & don't have the time to designate 2021-2022+ as a valued member of our team.