2024 Pricing Guide



8 hr day coverage
- Two photographers
- Online photo gallery
- 35mm Film photography
- Printing options
- Travel fee based on location




The Complete photo/video wedding day experience
8 Hour day
- Two photographers
- Two videographers
- 4+ minute highlight film
- Mini social media edit
- Online photo gallery
- 35mm Film photography
- Drone
- Travel fee will vary on location

Starting at $11,000

Highlight Film

Highlight Film

Highlight Films - Documentary Style Films & More

More info on video page

Starting at $4,000

Adventure Session

Adventure Session

- Engagement Sessions
- Proposals
- Family Sessions
- Other

Starting $900


Extra coverage Photo Only | $300/hour

Extra coverage Photo/Video | $600/hour

Rehearsal coverage | $900

Super 8 Film $300

Extra 35mm Film $80/roll

1 hr engagement session $700

2 hr engagement session $900

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Business Hours: Monday-Thursday 9:30am-4:30pm


We know how stressful things can get and that is why we have such a great time getting to know you and helping you through the process. We once got married, so we know how you feel trying to put together your wedding day. Throw out the idea of us being your vendor and you being our client, let’s instead get to know each other and have a good time because when you are comfortable and enjoying yourselves, we are getting the photos that best capture you and your unique personalities. We will make sure you are having a good time and making special memories.


Photographs shouldn't just be one or two good photos of each main event but rather a story of your wedding day from start to finish. There are so many more moments and details to be captured than just the main events. Although those are super special and important, so are the little things.

We create specialized edits for your wedding and precision edit each and every one. You won’t have a generic edit that everyone else has. Instead the influence of your wedding day, lighting, and personality will all play a part in our process.


So what is involved in this whole process?

It all begins with our meeting. We want to be a part of the whole experience. We want to hear about your venue, creative ideas, hobbies, how your pets are doing, and what your favorite food is. We want to hear it all because the more we hear, the more we get to know eachother. And the more we get to know eachother, the more our photos will accuractely and uniquely represent you and your relationship with each other. This is all part of our process and all part creating something special.