We want to give back in a unique way.

A wedding fully provided by us and other professionals

A wedding fully provided by us and other professionals

Everyone including the wedding industry took a big hit in March of 2020. Over 1 million couples in the U.S had to cancel their weddings. And over 300,000 weddings in California were cancelled. We had the longest stretch in over 5 years of not photographing a wedding or engagement.

The only way we could make it through this time is from all of our past and present brides and grooms. We have photographed over 100 couples and we appreciate each and every one of you. Thank you for allowing us to capture your story and giving us the opportunity to be a part of yours.

Some of you might know someone that was effected even greater than others. They may have had to cancel their wedding not just from health guidelines but from financial difficulty. Maybe you know someone or maybe you yourself can no longer have your wedding.

We want to hear from you. We are working with other talented vendors to give a wedding to a special couple that not only had to cancel their wedding planning but could not afford to reschedule. Someone that undoubtedly can no longer have a wedding because of the recent events.

We are not looking for the saddest story; rather, we are looking for a story full of future and hope. Your life doesn't need to have fallen apart to qualify. Our goal is to find a couple that couldn't do it without a little help.

Things to keep in mind

  • Please be honest in your entry
  • Only weddings that were cancelled or postponed may apply
  • Only weddings that have taken a financial loss may apply
  • Provide us a brief story of what happened or what your current situation is
  • Share with us why your wedding can no longer happen
  • We may ask for more information regarding your previous wedding plans
  • The chosen couple will be asked to read and sign an agreement before anything is official.
  • We will be hand selecting a couple based on their entry and meeting (virtually or in person depending on CDC guidelines)
  • There is no dollar amount or prize. This is a giving back situation and the contribution of ourselves and other vendors will be the end result.
  • Couple may be required to provide financial contribution.
  • Wedding may be held on a week day as our contributors are all professional vendors and may need weekends available to support them and their families business
  • The provided wedding will have a guest size limit . We may limit the guest list to less than 50 guests.
  • All claims may be fact checked with references and or communication from others.
  • We will be selecting a couple that is paying for their own wedding. We always encourage family to help in times of need but sometimes family is also effected in times like this.
  • The wedding we provide will be fully provided by our professional teams that are generously giving their time and resources. We may request preferences from the chosen couple; however, total style, process, and provisions will be determined by us and our vendors.
  • The wedding will be fully planned and delivered as a donation and will not be considered a contracted service or have any form of expectation from the chosen couple.
  • We are expecting to see many inquiries, we encourage that you think of others in this time and consider their needs as well.

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