All our films include the following

1.A cinematic highlight film.

2. Full cuts of ceremony, reception formalities and dances.

Video packages include a highlight film and full cuts of the main formalities

Highlight Film

A good highlight film can be created with one videographer and focuses on a cinematic approach to the day with a candid feel to it. 

Deliverables included

  • Highlight film (length of film varies on length of day)
  • Choice of song & audio
  • Cinematic approach (no full cuts)
  • Drone (Some locations do not allow drones)

This is what a lot of you would like, but for some of you this isn’t enough coverage or you just don’t want to miss anything. In that case you will want the documentary style footage captured of the day as well.

Both highlight film and Documentary Style.

Both requires a lot of energy and added preparation and can only be done with 2 videographers.

You will need a lead videographer to capture things in a cinematic way (mobile & creative) A second videographer to be available for areas the main videographer is not available.

Two videographers can team together to get different angles and perspectives and audio and all the technical things in place in order to prepare and execute on the documentary style.

Deliverables included. 

  • Highlight film
  • Docu style full cuts of main formalities 

2023 Pricing Guide 

There are many customizations for each of these and you can pick and choose to prioritize the most important elements of each approach.

8 hr day: $4,000

What's included with an 8 hr day?

-One videographer

-Ad second videographer $600

-Ad second videographer 10 hrs $900

-4-5 minute highlight film (custom edit based on style preference of client)

-Full Ceremony & Toasts (2nd videographer adds multiple angles and better coverage of full events)

-drone when allowed by venue & locations

-audio of vows and main events

-choice of song or licensed music

- Additional time ($200/hr over 8 hrs)

- Super 8 Film $300