When do I get my photos?

The best way to determine when your photos are going to be done is to check your contract. The days are counted by business days, and our business days are Monday - Thursday.
We do sometimes get pictures or videos edited and delivered early, but we can’t ever guarantee that they will without a rush editing request already contracted. We do ask that you refrain from asking us if/when photos or videos will be done as we have a very specific date that we will be sending your wedding day. This is so that each of our couples gets their photos to them when it’s the right time. If we prioritize some weddings over others, then others get left waiting longer.

When to ask if your photos are ready

If your due date has come and gone for photos, let us know the following week and allow a few work days for us to respond. We do travel often and have weekends full of shoots and editing. We ask for extra patience this year as it will be one of the most busy years we’ve ever experienced with a lot of couples making special requests.

I’m not getting an email response. What do I do?

We ask that you remember that by going with us, you also are going with a very small business owned by two people that prioritize family and a healthy lifestyle first. We aren’t a big business with employee’s and a 24/7 customer service. We ask that if your emails or questions are regarding special requests, photos requests, editing requests, etc, that you give us a week or two to respond.

If your wedding has not happened yet, and you have special requests or are trying to plan your timeline or schedule, we ask that you fill out our wedding day form, this will include start and end times etc. We start to go over these approximately 2 months prior to the wedding day. We can also schedule a call for detailed timeline planning or suggestions.

If your wedding is about to happen: if you are nearing your wedding day within 2-4 weeks, we ask that you email us and also, text us as well. We can’t always pick up a phone call if we are with our daughter, family, or friends, but if we see a text, we can always respond and set up a time to call at our soonest availability

Ben: 949-933-5205

Email responses after the wedding day will be slower than before the wedding day. Just as each couple needed top priority for pre wedding planning and scheduling, post wedding emails will take longer and be prioritized behind the most time sensitive emails.

What should I do if I have questions about timelines and need venue docs signed or other information regarding my wedding day?

We always suggest that your planner be aware of any timeline questions and that they reach out to us and share more details. Often our timeline begins with your planner and they will know all the moving parts of the day and how much time we will have for different events.