It's almost the big day!

We have two really important things for you.

  1. Please check out some special notes and information below.
  2. Please fill out the information form for us to review.


Remaining Balance

Your contract has the date when the remaining balance should be paid. It is normally a week prior to the event date; however, your contract has the specific date. Prior to sending the remaining balance please check in with us and confirm your method of payment so we can accurately record this.

Wedding day timeline

If you have your final (or somewhat final) timeline, we would love to get this from you. It can be directly from yourself or from your planner. This timeline should include a start and end time for our services. If you're not sure when that time is, we are happy to help go over the timeline and make a suggestion.

Your vendors for the day

We have a vendor form. This is a great way for us to credit some of your vendors in the future and also connect with them. This form can be found in our client portal.

Posing guides and approach

We have a short posing guide and some suggestions for the wedding day. These are meant to be helpful and supportive and should only be taken as a suggestion. There is no need to change wedding day plans to accommodate every suggestion we make.

A note from Ben & Kadin

On the home page of our client portal, we have a special note from Ben & Kadin. We hope you will take a look at that as well.

Pre Wedding Day Form

Every wedding has different meal plans. We would love to know what the meals will be in advance so we can provide adequate meals for our team prior to arrival.

Family Photo Form

Please provide photos based on last names