Client Portal

This is a great place to fill out any forms, learn more about our process, and get connected with upcoming events.

Client Portal

This is a great place to fill out any forms, learn more about our process, and get connected with upcoming events.

A special note from Ben & Kadin

Hi everyone, we wanted to say thank you firstly for choosing our photography services and our approach to your wedding day. 

Each of you shares something similar. You will each have a wedding this year, and ourselves or our team will be there for your wedding day.

We are making changes daily, and adding some special things such as our client portal, Q & A, Style & posing guides, as well as other informative spaces on our website.

We want to remind all our couples that this is a very personalized experience and less of a commercialized or large business that brings instant gratification with a standard process. We know that in this time, that we love to see results instantly and quickly and that if we don’t see instant results or responses we may feel offended by that or ignored by it.

In choosing us, you are also choosing to support a family & individuals with a love and passion specifically for you and your wedding. 

Here we have a different approach that says good things are worth waiting for, even if that sometimes means short delays or attention refocused at a later time so that when it is revisited it is with a full passion and happiness to do it.

Everything we do is toward getting an end product that represents your day with the flavor and style of our photography and experience. If pictures or videos seem to be delivered later than expected. It isn't because we have forgotten about you or haven't worked on your photos. Sometimes, we have a lot of weddings or engagements happen within the same couple of weeks. We still need that time to prepare with timelines, learning about a couple who we are about to photograph and prepare equipment and other items, This sometimes means putting our day to day editing on hold. This is to give our physical presence 100% for the work we are approaching or doing.

For us to create outstanding and one of a kind memories, we need time and energy for pondering, changing and growing on those changes and it is an intricate balance of deadlines, creativity, day to day work, and family life. And sometimes this requires us delaying the day to day to find our ground and foundation for inspiration by stepping away from the more tedious or time consuming parts of a photography business.

We are so blessed to have each and every one of you this year and thank you all for understanding how our process and business works. We love and live for wedding days and capturing them. Thank you for having us as part of your day and for your support of our small business.

Wedding photography is our constant balance, our constant life. And we believe in order to have effective results that we share how we are approaching this year.

Time and life is precious. This means calculation and patience and growth are okay for us and we hope that you are aware of this.

This may require patience or change with us as we will always put our daughter and family first, and those parts of our lives are changing every day as well.

A special note regarding style and approach.

There is no such thing as perfect in our book. You will see that a lot of our style and approach to taking photographs is in our focus on the moments that happen in between, the imperfect moments, the emotions or changes that happen in the moment. This is a direct reflection of how we also just enjoy life. We love the moments that aren't perfect, sometimes difficult and sometimes change. We will not try to originate anything that isn’t organic and we don’t believe a photo or moment is so important important, that it is worth ruining or damaging other memories or moments to do so.

Nit pickiness is a sign of desire for perfection or expectation. We ask that your expectation is that there will be no such thing as perfection. We often perceive others pictures as being better than our own, and we find that contentment only comes from viewing our own lives, moments, and photos as our favorites. We know that in this time it is easy to wish we were in someone else’s shoes, but we are all living our own lives, our own experiences and embrace them and enjoy them as they happen.

There is a beauty in imperfection, and this is why we embrace it and love to focus on it in our photography. It often can define us at our quirkiest or strangest, but is also part of our most true selves. People will often say how beautiful a photo or perfect a photo is that we took, but in the eyes of the subject, they thought they looked weird or were making a funny or strange face. Isn't it funny how we are making your must have shot lists from photos that others didn't have as their own expected photos.

We are individuals. Although we provide a service and experience, we are also fellow friends and humans sharing a similar goal and desire to grow and learn at every chance. We aren’t perfect and make mistakes and don't take perfect photos all the time. We always try our best, but our product and service is also open to interpretation, to change and open to fluctuation in our approach or style. We cannot promise anything more than our desire to photograph or film as best and as creative that we can every chance we get.

We have some guides and some other information so that we can be as prepared as possible for your wedding day. Some of these guides can be the difference during the wedding day and make some extra memories that would not have happened. So we hope you will take a look through and reach out to us with any special questions or requests,

Your photographers

Ben & Kadin